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Central High School Guidance Office

Welcome to the Guidance Office! This is a busy place, but I always have time for you. Some of the things I might be able to assist you with are study skills, testing information and interpretation, social skills, goal setting, preparing for college, choosing a career path, community resources, and medical or personal issues. 

When we talk, personal issues remain within the limits of confidentiality. That means it is between us only unless there is an ethical or legal obligation for me to act. I cannot wait to meet you.


On the LINKS tab above you will find links to:

  • REMIND for students and parents- the best way to get 1st hand information
  • scholarship search websites
  • bridge programs
  • summer camps for high schoolers.


On the FILES tab above you will find:

  • upcoming events and notifications
  • a list of specific scholarships listed by deadline
  • tips for writing college essays
  • tips for applying for financial aid.
  • career counseling information
  • leadership opportunities for underclassmen
  • NEW Diploma information including our current course offerings
  • NEW Virtual School available courses on ACCESS
  • NEW Off Campus Learning Opportunities


On the NEWS tab above you will find important events, photos, and deadlines.