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Good Scholarship Sites
Scholarships with September Deadlines

HURRY UP! These are due ASAP!

Scholarships Specific to the State of Alabama

Scholarships by Interest Area








FFA Scholarship Guides

Fifty-two pages of scholarship opportunities for members of FFA

HOSA Scholarship

2016 Scholarship Application will be posted Jan. 1, 2016

National Beta Club Scholarship

Due date November 19, 2015

NICHE Scholarship Search Engine

Search by major, career interest area, hobby, etc.

Alabama Automotive Industry Scholarship

Preparing students for careers in the automotive industry

East Alabama Medical Center Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunity for healthcare related fields

Univ. of South Alabama Nursing Scholarships

UAB Healthcare Related Grants/Scholarships

Alabama Power Engineering Scholarship- Auburn

HOBO Lake Mitchell Scholarship

Smith Scholarship

Scholarships with November Deadlines

JSU Freshman Scholarships

Freshman scholarships based on ACT of 20 or above

UAB Campus RN

Nursing Scholarships listed alphabetically

Jackie Robinson Leadership Scholarship

Attend the school of your choice for 4 years. Feb. 15. This is a big scholarship and the application process is very selective. Plan to spend some time on this appliation and read some about it at the associated website.


College Board site with great resources

Horatio Alger Scholarship

Career Technical scholarship based on need, community service, and overcoming adversity. Due date is June 1, 2016.

7 Scholarships from JSU
Freshman Scholarships at JSU

Freshman scholarhips based on ACT scores beginning at 20 and up

University of Montevallo Honors Progam
UM Honors Program

Small classes, limited enrollment, specially designed classesk first preference residence hall and registration, and travel grants for students scoring 27 or higher on ACT. Application to honors program is separate from admissions application. Deadline is Feb. 1.

9 More Scholarships for this winter
Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award

Requires 50 hours of volunteer work and a 3.5 GPA; essay required

Deadline November 29

Good360 Sustainability Scholarship

Requires an opinion on sustainability

Deadline Nov. 30

Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarships

Deadline Dec. 5

2015 Scholarship Points Awards

Must be at least 13 years old

Deadline Dec. 8

Flosum Scholarship

3.5 GPA

Must be interested in the field of computers, computer engineering, or electrical engineering, physics or math and computers

Deadline Dec.15

Solution Reach Scholarship

3.2 GPA

Deadline Dec.18

CrossLites Scholarship

Requires 300-400 word essay

Open to high school, college and graduate students

Deadline Dec. 31

10 Words or Less Scholarship

Deadline Jan 29

You Deserve It Scholarship

Deadline Feb 15

WalMart Scholarships
Associate Scholarship

You must be employed at WalMart for at least 6 months before applying for this scholarship. There is a May deadline and a September deadline for this year.

National Technical Honor Society Scholarships
National Technical Honor Society Scholarhips

These scholarships are for members of HOSA, BPA, FBLA, FCCLA, DECA, and SKILLSUSA

Auburn Theatre Scholarship
Auburn Theatre Scholarship

For more information contact Dan LaRocque at 334-844-6616

Auditions on Saturday, Jan. 23 at Telfair Peet Theatre in Auburn

Preparing for College (students&parents resource)
College Greenlight

This is a great resource for all students and parents to help guide the decisions and frame the choices in higher education. There are tools to help you decide which college is best for you, how to compare colleges, how to manage financial aid, and even how to ask for a letter of reference. You can start as early as 9th grade in your planning.

College Counts Alabama
College Counts 2016

$2000-$4000 need-based scholarships

Class reminders for parents/students
Sophomore Class (10th grade) Reminders

Students and parents can receive important messages about events and deadlines directly to the text or email addresses they prefer by clicking this link to sign up.

Seniors (12th Graders) Reminders

Seniors and their parents can receive important messages from the counselor about scholarships, deadlines, and important events via their preferred email or text by joining this group.

Juniors (11th grade) Reminders

Juniors and their parents can receive important messages about scholarships, leadership opportunities, and deadlines from the counselor via their preferred email or text by joining this group.

Freshmen (9th grade) Reminders

Freshmen and their parents can receive up to date information regarding special events and deadlines from the counselor through their preferred email or text by joining this group.

DUAL Enrollment REMIND

Dual enrollment students and their parents are urged to join this group to receive special information regarding deadlines and school events that they may not know about.


FOCUS members only are required to join this group to aid communication regarding special events


Students in the College Prep Pilot are required to join this group to assist with communication for assignments.

Minority Scholarships



Summer STEM Camps for High School Students


Summer Bridge Programs
Alabama A&M Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge Programs-bridging high school and college

UAB Summer Bridge Program

University of Alabama Huntsville Summer Bridge Program

Alabama State University Summer Bridge Program

Auburn University in Montomery Summer Bridge Program

South Alabama Summer Bridge Program