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PopCorn Fundraiser
The 2021-2022 CHS Cheerleaders are hosting a popcorn fundraiser to help purchase new uniforms. See a cheerleader to place your order or click the link above to make your purchase.  Use group code: 450006.  Please contact a Central High School cheerleader of Coach Brittany Bailey for more information.  

2021-2022 Coosa County Schools Approved Calendar

Athletic Tickets

Athletic Event tickets can be purchased at GoFan.co.  Tickets will be  available 24 hours prior to each event.

CHS Re-Opening Plan


We believe:

  • The education of students is a responsibility shared by students, faculty and staff, parents, and the community.
  • All students must have opportunities to learn and to be successful.
  • Maximum student learning takes place in a positive environment that includes consistency and structure.
  • When engaged in rigorous, authentic learning activities that target a variety of learning styles, all students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to attain personal and professional success.

2021 Marching Cougar Colorguard

Congratulations to the 2021 Marching Cougar Colorguard!  Members are:  Parker Sanders, Abi Vietch, Abbeie Smith, Ruby Burks, Rylee Johnson, Jade Williams, and Ja'Niya Spivey.  

Kera Dunham Wins Bryant-Jordan Scholarship

Kera Dunham Wins Bryant-Jordan Scholarship
Kera Dunham is Awarded the Bryant-Jordan Scholarship for academic and athletic achievement.

Reaching & Teaching

Ms. Mack's Child Development Class at Central High School is working with students at the elementary school as part of their "Reaching and Teaching" program.
Alden works with Elementary Students
Alden Bennett helps elementary student with writing through Reaching & Teaching
Brynli reads with elementary class
Brynli Mitchell works with a class of elementary students through Reaching & Teaching
Central High School senior Kera Dunham was awarded the Bryant-Jordan scholarship for Region 4- 2A at their annual awards banquet Monday.  The scholarship is awarded to seniors who have achieved in both athletics and academics. Kera was one of only 56 students across the state of Alabama to receive the scholarship.

CHS Prom

Colton Jouppi Prepares for CHS Prom
Colton Jouppi helps out with Prom preparation.
Under the direction of Central High School math teacher Mrs. McDonald, students are decorating the Joe N. Belyeu gymnasium in preparation for Prom 2021, "Cityscape", April 24th.

Zakiya reads with elementary students
Zakiya McGinnis reads with elementary students through Reaching & Teaching

Physical Science & Chemistry Labs

Physical Science has been reviewing chemical bonding (ionic, covalent, and metallic), types of chemical reactions, and balancing chemical equations following the Law of Conservation of Mass. The students participated in a chemical change/reaction lab. They were able to observe a demo of Elephant toothpaste in lab. This is the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide with the aide of a catalyst KI (potassium iodide). They also performed several experiments observing color change, temperature change, and precipitate formation.

Chemistry is participating in a Molarity, Molality, and Concentration lab. Each student is creating crystals from supersaturated solutions. They will calculate the Molarity of each solution based on the amount of mol per liter solution. I would also love to give a special mention of Mrs. Shelley Wood’s continued CHS support and all her help in lab set-up. These labs were a great success and the students learned a lot!

Coosa County FFA Announces 2021-2022 Officers

The Coosa County FFA slate of chapter officers were recently elected for the upcoming school year. These students will represent Coosa County as they attend FFA & other agricultural events across the state.  Congratulations to the following students who were chosen to represent the Coosa County FFA chapter for the 2021-2022 year:
 President: Brynli Mitchell
 Vice President: Reagan Cardwell
 Secretary: Serenity Goolsby
 Treasurer: Abigail Hyatt

 Reporter: Joseph Weathers                                                                                                                                       Sentinel: Jeiby Garcia                                                                                                                                                 Historian:  Kyle Bowe

Special Thanks to the Central High School Student Government Association for their hard work in submitting images and stories for the SGA News and Notes section.  Please contact any member of the SGA if you have any news or events you would like to be covered.  The SGA is sponsored by Mrs. Debi Stover.  SGA President for the 2020-2021 school year is Tytiuna Isom.  

Approved 2020-2021 Student Code of Conduct

Approved 2020-2021 Student Handbook

Approved 2020-2021 School Calendar Revised 7-30-2020

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